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Private-Door Duo ---- The Door Opener For External Doors That's Economical and Easy to Install and Seals Your Door
The optimal automatic opener for external doors to homes and townhouses. The Duo is the convenience that becomes a necessity.

The door to your personal dwelling should provide access, not create a barrier. With the Private-Door Duo, the push of a button provides automated entry and closure of any weatherstripped external door.

The Duo combines two of our unique, patented Private-Door elements - the Solo door opener, and our Assist. Used in combination with a standard strike release, this solution provides for the easy, automated opening and closure of a weather stripped, external door (if your door has a lever handle, choose the Private-Door System). The Private-Door solution requires no complicated pneumatics, is easy to install, and provides unprecedented convenience.

The Duo lends a hand to everyone.

Creating Convenience
No more fumbling for your keys in the rain and cold, or bending over to put down an armful of groceries or a child so you can open the door. Just push a button on the Duo's remote and the door opens and stays open until you close it with another push of the button or have it close automatically after a time interval you select and easily set.

Removing Barriers
With the Private-Door Duo, the door is no longer a barrier for users of wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, or canes. The Duo makes for easy entry and exit by reducing the need to maneuver awkwardly to open and close a door.

Provides Self Reliance
The barrier to your home should not be an obstacle to your independence but a portal to activities. With the push of a button you can open and close the door to your home to enjoy social gatherings or shopping. With Private-Door Duo you can let friends, family or health care professionals into your home from your easy chair.

Simplicity of Design, Ease of Installation
Private-Door rethought the concept and execution of the automated door opener. The result is a system that is far less costly to purchase, install, and maintain while making no compromises in its capabilities. To learn more about the Private-Door Duo go to the How It Works page.

Private-Door Duo - The Best for Less
The best doesn't have to cost more. Compare functionality, cost of purchase, cost of installation, and cost of maintenance and you will quickly and clearly see why your best choice is a Private-Door solution. In addition to our Duo, we offer a full line of door activators, including the Executive (interior doors with knob handles), the Solo (internal doors to the ajar position), the Assistant (interior doors with lever handles), and the System (external doors with lever handles).

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Private-Door Duo

> Quiet, smooth operation

> Works with any standard electric strike release available from a wide range of vendors.

> Our patented "FreeFloat" system provides completely normal manual operation of the door

> Can retrofit to virtually any existing door

> Installation requires no special tools or skills

> Obstruction detection

> Two-year warranty


> 12V transformer plugs into any standard wall outlet, for easy and economical installations